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RAMLine is a large holding company that has provided services in various commercial, cultural and educational fields and has always tried to provide the best facilities to its clients and customers with all its capacity. In the following, we will refer to the main axes of this large holding:


RAMLine shipping agency

Active in the field of consulting, packaging, stowing, customs  formalities and transport from origin to final destination – Door to Door


Bandarsazan Genaveh Cooperative Company

Active in the field of Investment, construction and operating port’s container yard jetty, container yard and equipment


Bandarsazan Genaveh University of Applied Science

The university aims to establish an efficient international education center in various specialized fields of maritime, safety and tourism with 22 majors in associate and bachelor degrees.


RAMLine Tourism company

Active in tourism field i.e. health, pilgrimage, eco, cultural & relates services and Implementation of import and export managing activities in Oman, Iran and the countries of East Africa

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Since 1996

RAMLine Holding was registered in 2004 with Iranian capital and management and in nearly two decades of work experience, it has used all its efforts in inheriting international transportation services. With the help of foreign representatives, this company has gained valuable experiences in carrying out transportation from different parts of the world to Iran and vice versa in the form of Door to Door.

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RAMLine company has been able to provide services as a forwarder and carrier and always offers the best transportation services around the world to the owners of the goods of the contracting party. The company has also expanded its activities in five continents and has been able to use its facilities in China, Oman, Kazakhstan and Russia to build a large and powerful bridge over the North-South corridor and between Africa and Europe and the Far East countries.

Our branches

Internal Offices

– Tehran (central office)
– Bandar Abbas 
– Bushehr 
– Khorramshahr 
– Genaveh 
– Anzali 

● External Branches

– China
– India
– Sultanate of Oman
– Kazakhstan
– Qatar
– Turkey
– Iraq
– Germany
– South Africa
– Canada
– Russia

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